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Collateral Trust

A simple way of borrowing money by presenting beneficiary certificates issued by the trust company on designated properly as security against the borrowerĄ¯s debt.
When compared to a conventional mortgage loan, the Collateral Trust is cost effective.
The processing tee is much less and properly can be protected from other creditors during the period in which the properly is under the trust.
In the event that the borrower does not fulfill the financial obligation. The trustee shall dispose of the properly in question through the market. This is to minimize losses normally related to public auctions where banks generally accept below-market prices in order to sell off assets under court-order.
  • Collateral Trust Contract to Hana Asset Trust
Primary Beneficiary(Creditor)
  • Asset Realization(In Case of Default) to Hana Asset Trust
  • Loan Contract to Trustor
Hana Asset Trust
  • Income Distributions(Debt Servicing) to Primary Beneficiary
  • Asset Disposal and Settlement(In Case of Default) to Primary Beneficiary
  • Income Distributions to Beneficiary
  • Collateral Trust Contract to Trustor